Store Interior Designs

Today I have focused on most standing out store interior designs. in todays world an original outstanding interior design is important in order to compete with big-name chain retailers and because of  strong retail market.. It should have brand signature, attract the right customers, stick it to season, sales, current trends, and be outstanding and original. We can see the trend of big brands moving onto high street in order to be easily accessed, large screens to display products, virtual fashion mirrors and very stylish designs.

Rodney Fitch, Professor of Retail Design states:” Trends in 2012… amid several, the two standouts for me are: firstly, the polarisation between value, expressed by price, versus value expressed by the experience. The former epitomised on the one hand by the inexorable growth of online and on the other by the rise and rise of Poundland culture, where design, except perhaps in the case of Primark, is little evident. Compared with the latter, where good design anchors the experience as in the case say, of Abercrombie + Fitch, Uniqlo or Selfridges. Second, the way innovation in retail design has moved back to New York. More exciting work on 5th and in the Village, than on Bond or Regent Streets or Spitalfields”

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Stuart Weitzman international flagship store  Milan, Italy, Zaha Hadid a British-Iraquish London based architect. S.W. is a family business in USA. Innovative ,playful  and futuristic construction with curvy shapes and folds.

6d46c21ac0948628579b7a678a29c81c[1] Curvy red and white Camper Shoe Store Renovation by A-cero. The Spanish shoe brand has different concept interior design in each store.


Mellisa Shoe Store New York


Swedish Design in Fashion store in Stockholm  by Guise architects with black/white and graphic elements. Fashion brand name is ‘ Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’. The brand deconstructs typical clothes into new hybrid garments.

Shoebaloo store by MVSA Maastricht 02 Shoebaloo store by MVSA, Maastricht Shoebaloo store by MVSA Maastricht 08 Shoebaloo store by MVSA, Maastricht

Shoebaloo store, Maastricht, its like stepping into fantasy word with a kaleidoscopic-like shelves with lots of lightings. Designed by MVSA. Shoebaloo is an Amsterdam  high end designer with footwear, bags and accessories existing on market since early seventies. The shop is based in heart of city.

Virtual fashion mirror at John Lewis's Oxford Street store

Virtual mirror at John Lewis, Oxford Street , StyleMe mirror allows shoppers to create a virtual collection which can be emailed to them with their chosen image, price,the photos can be shared on social sites and get a feedback from friends before they spend some money.

Kariene Arabian Boutique in Paris by Joseph Grappin.

Cool shoes 2014

New Year just came in and bought us a lots of amazing and interesting shoes. Some are very creative in vibrant colours and with mix of new unusual materials and shapes. Lets look at the ones which stand out most.

Gaetano Perrone  Gaetano Perrone - Shoes - 2014 Spring-SummerGaetano Perrone - Shoes - 2014 Spring-SummerGaetano Perrone - Shoes - 2014 Spring-Summer Not much known footwear designer for me but not from now. i fell in love with these futuristic grey wedge heel boots, mixture of new materials and contrasting colours. definatelly a trend hit of this year and metallic texture, lots of straps and silver hardwares are still on.

Roger Vivier     Roger Vivier - Shoes - 2014 Spring-Summer Passionate brasilian colours is  must for this summer. and with those sandals you would definatelly stand out.

Alexander McQueen  Alexander McQueen - Women's Shoes - 2014 Spring-Summer These sporty sandals have interesting shape and yet seems comfortable. i like the big ancle straps, nice black/white combination and big buckles. i think its gonna big hit in the summer.

Balenciaga   Balenciaga - Resort Shoes - 2014 These sandals look so luxurious elegant and haute couture with a sparkle of vintage. Nice contrast of soft goat and smooth hard calf leathers.

Sergio Rossie   these black and gold heeless sergio rossie wedges from #ss14 are stunning. #shoeporn and his sculptural golden heel block wedges with a stunning silhouette vamp strap.

Tom Ford


tom-ford-springsummer-2014-accessories-19[1] tom-ford-springsummer-2014-accessories-3[1] With those crystal mosaic boots you will definatelly stand out in the crowd. tom-ford-springsummer-2014-accessories-2[1]


Emerging Trend Principles

From where the fashion trends coming from?

Trends influence our life and not just in clothing, but all things that surround us. in instance an art, design, architecture, technology… Trends are coming from everything that humankind got trough. every year the designers and artists are inspired by trends. but from where the recent trends are coming from and what do they symbolize? Is is a mother nature herself which control the whole world?

Trends are reflecting recent process, progress and development in today’s society.

1. Recent actions:

Can be any greater event in near future. For example World Cup in Brasil or popular movie, political or economic situations, globalization and culture, climate, increasing global population and fast growing architecture, celebrities, actors styles (good example is Beyonce’s new ‘visual’ album and her amazing stylisation), new music genres, recent society’s philosophy- ‘think green’, become vegetarians (footwear and clothing companies using less and less leather and fur products and replacing leather with pvc materials), digital media(blogs, news).

kate middletonbeyoncemadonna brasilfifajolie

2.Innovation in technology:

In the last decade the society is undergoing rapid rise in technical and scientific innovation:

Holographic Surface: I found out that its why there are trends with soft, sheer and iridescent colours in last few years. Holography is a combination of fantasy and real life, futurism and science fiction. Hi –tech gadgets containing functioning holographic qualities that appeal to be a future. Its visual complexity, 3D visualisation and advanced computer engineering will reflect on creating products-  faster, more accurate and cost effective software programes for better rendering products. We might also see finished materials with inconporate holographic elements. Also 3D Hologram movies when the computer shoots the holographic pixels/’hogels’ electronically to another location

3D Hologram fashion show: which creates optical illusion and breaks the rules of time and space on show that are replacing conventional presentations.

hol1 hol2 hol3 hol4 hol11 hol22 hol33 hol44

3. DNA, Molecular Structure

As long as we exist we strive to be harmonic with mother nature.    New coming trends in future is Biomimicry-a biological system where artificiality, engineering and nature comes together. Its inspiration by synthetic and organic lifeforms, combination of nature and modern technology, inspiration by patterns in nature.

Its benefical to society as it means being ecologically conscious (water purification, energy needs, reduce waste on minimum,no pollution. ‘’Its an  urge for change in the way society is consuming and directing on which way should go/think’’and  its about practical with time and money. ‘Because of significantly increased manufacturing the society is shifting into an ‘ecological age. Biomimicry means translate nature designs into solving human problems. (

biomimicry1 biomimicry2 biomimicry3 biomimicry4

4. 3D Printing :

3D printing has become recently popular mainly in creative industries to produce a fast prototype for testing. However the production , material remain expensive therefore its popularity in future is questionable.

3dprinteddress 3dprintedshoe,



On the street…Stylist students


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Stylist students at Ual promoting their work in afterparty  December last year.


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