Because i have a big admiration of this brand’s degins, i would like to find out what makes this brand so succesful and keep loyal costumers for so many years. is it designs itself? good marketing and promotion?

Salvatore Ferragamo was an Italian shoe designer who started to design first shoes at age of nine for his sisters and family members. he quickly discovered his talent and moved with his family to Hollywood where his success started. he designed shoes for well known celebrities, actors (in instance Marylin Monre ‘Someone like it hot”) His designs were innovative, creative and  comfortable because he went to study foot anatomy course. after 115 years he returned to Italy where due to lack of management skills and bad economy became almost bancrupt ( but somehow managed to operate company that produced 350 hand made shoes a day.

The family CEO of todays Ferragamo proclaims that ( the biggest success came from US. And they try to manage balance between traditional designs, innovation and trends. they value and respect the heritage of comany and the bigest challenge is to adapt to social changes. what made this brand known is celebrity colaboration, unique style, innovation and many years of passion of creative timeless shoes ( The brand is sticking up to Salvatore’s way of promotion by colaborating with top celebrities, the spectacular catwalk shows in Paris and Milano representing well the product, by opening a workshops with shoemaking techniques for cobblers, the ability to meet the specific  by made-to-order requests and undoubtedly producing high quality and confortabily shoes. Each shoes are produced in Italy by talented craftsmen.

In 1989 the brand expanded to Honkong and opened 100 stores to this day, and asia became greatest share of brand’s revenues. The brand is maintaining its publicity trough involving with movies and pop culture, for example  sponsoring the opening of film ‘Rush’ in 2013 or designing costumes for actors, which is the clever way of establishing new high profile clientele (

The brand’s interest is to atract new young clientele by designing shoes for young singers like Lady Gaga, expand across the europe and keep modernising the product while remaining loyal to brand heritage.