Beyonce wear Balenciaga in 2013, but her most favorite shoe designer is CHristian Louboutin

Lady Gaga wear Emporio Armani  in Paris tour in 2010. she is known for extremely high platforms that are impossible to wear for everyday walk. her most favorite designer is Mc Queen. those shoes became her trademark.

Lady Gaga’s Emporio Armani Shoe is up for Auction

Karen O. is wearing CHristian Louboutin stilettos on stage during performing song called  ”The Moon Song”

Rihanna’s hot thigh high CHristian Louboutin boots on Diamond tour

Balenciaga zigzaged  heels in studio in New York last year

Gucci Viola boots during the 2012 during Victoria’s Secret fashion show

Madonna performing in Louboutin

Madonna’s own collection Truth or Dare. the shoes should be specially designed for high confortability and safety to lower chances of injuries during performance.

 Britney Spears during performance, design unknown.

 Miley Cyrus wearing Versace studded boots

Sarah Jessica Parker and Manolo Blahnik. The collaboration with designer brought him enormous popularity in movie ”Sex in the City”.