About me

Hello to Everyone!

I have set up this blog in regards to my appreciation for fashion ,design and art, to promote my work and to write posts for a college project.

I am a student of Footwear Design on the end 2nd year and I am planning to become a shoe designer.

I have a background in makeup artistry, art and design study. I always knew i wanted to work in the fashion industry , in creative and art related field. I started as freelancer make up artist in Prague and fashion illustrator for designers, then i ‘we moved to London to study. I was deciding between psychology and fashion. During the studies i have focused on textile print , photography and fashion design.  i then discovered my passion for shoes so applied for a course. I might come back later to garment design who knows..

On the course I enjoy all the subjects and they are necessary to know in these high competitive days. I realized my weakness, strength and work on myself to improve what needed to be improved. The biggest challenge of college is learning to manage time between work and study efficiently.-)  yet in order to succeed today one has to have a constant thirst for knowledge, passion and willingness to constantly work on yourself. I have enjoyed marketing since beginning and realized how important is to have knowledge in current markets, especially if one planing to work independently, but companies value this knowledge as well.

I have admiration for fashion designers like J. P. Gaultier, Giussephe Zanotti, Balenciaga, Kirkwod, Versace, Galliano, Mc Queen. Alhtough each season there are different winners and losers-) I take inspiration for my work from all the things that interests me. Bear it a movie, interesting texture on something, leather work, historical archives, new trends,vintage stores, antiques.

My quote i know is to follow your intuition, do what you feel is right.



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